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What About Us...


Watauga's First Craft Brewery

It all started with my daughter's idea of a cool place with a cool name.  Then, my wife and son crafted some beer names (some inspired by my mother-in-law). The rest is pure beer.

Happy Hour

We all need a place to drink... so why not do it here. Join us for Happy Hour every weekday from 5pm-7pm!

Live Music

You wish.  Bring your own or listen to whatever we play from Spotify...

Video and Board Games

We play old school here...Play some Nintendo, Sega, Atari, etc.

We also have some classic board games.

Beer Menu

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Grab a Drink!

Don't just read about us, come on in and have a beer....or two...

Leaky Faucet Brewing

Watauga, TX


Sunday - Thursday: 5pm - 12am

Friday - Saturday: 5pm - Late

Happy Hour (Daily) 5pm - 7pm

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